ThunderKraft – The banner of victory – CD 2005

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ThunderKraft - The banner of victory - CD 2005

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ThunderKraft - The banner of victory - CD 2005

Deathcore / folk
8 pages booklet-poster / CD

Alafern - Guitars, Vocals (Svyatogor, Triglav (Ukr), Nokturnal Mortum (session), Svarga (Ukr))
Ann - Keyboards, Flute (Kolo, Neverland)
Sigurd - Bass
Morok - Guitar (Mind Propaganda, Triglav (Ukr), Svarga (Ukr))
Vsesvit - Drums (Dub Buk, Svyatogor)
Former/past member(s) Arturius - Bass
Duche - Vocals
Olga - Keyboards
Amorth - Drums, Vocals (Astrofaes, Drudkh, Underdark (Ukr), Lutomysl (session), Lucifugum (Ukr) (session), live for Svyatogor)
Excellent, interesting folk Deathcore act from Kharkov successfully debuted on Dutch label Blazing Productions. The music of THUNDERKRAFT is unique because it combines well groovy Deathcore riffs and rhythmics, and also keyboards together with a flute and a violin. There is successfully combined both power of the classical Death Metal and Industrial elements. For example, the vocal is made in classical Deathcore feeling owing to what it's often possible even to understand about what is sung in one or another song. By the way, songs are written in Russian, and thematically with aggressive, pagan character. I'm not surprised, that, even playing Deathcore, THUNDERKRAFT is very influenced by so-called "Kharkov's" school of Metal and, in particular, its Black Metal component. Besides of original members on the time of this album recording, in THUNDERKRAFT played: Amorth (ASTROFAES, UNDERDARK, DRUDKH, drums/vocal), and Ann which participated in Folk Metal project KOLO, with ex-drummer of well-known NOKTURNAL MORTUM

1.         Sun in the Bosom           06:52  
2.         Masquerade for the Blind / Prison of Souls 07:40    
3.         North Inside 04:46         
4.         Mors Triumphalis 06:16   
5.         Matter of Chaos * 03:28 
6.         Majesty and Might 03:33 
7.         The Might of Thunder 04:03
* Dedicated to Vsesvit (Dub Buk)
ThunderKraft - The banner of victory - CD 2005

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